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  • Direct / Personal Service - Speak directly to a qualified technician who will evaluate and rebuild your tool head.
  • No Middleman, Single Source Experts
  • Valued as the Best Complete Rebuilding Cost - The quickest turnaround time and quality of service.
  • All Rebuilding done by Certified Technicians in our modern tech center in Bristol Connecticut.
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed
  • Multi-Head Discounts
  • Precision Electronic Balancing
  • #1 Choice of over 100 satisfied customers for 25 years.
  • FREE Freight Policy Program.
  • SAVE Time / Money / Eliminate long down time.
  • Accurate Estimates or we pay the difference.
  • 2 Week Express Service (tool heads)
  • Tech Center Support Team on call Mon.-Fri.: 5:30am - 4:00pm EST.
  • Over 100 Years of Combined Swiss Experience

  • No need to take risks with this precision instrument in the hands of unrelated, unconventional sources or unknown, unqualified "moonlighters".
  • No need to have your precision instrument pass through multiple channels that add unnecessary layers and costs.
  • LAB totally rebuilds your precision instrument back to its original state. Your tool head or turret will stay at our Connecticut Tech Center until it ends up very quickly back on your machine, where it belongs.
  • Our only focus in LAB'S Swiss Division is tool head / turret rebuilding. We offer over 100 years of qualified experience, 5 Swiss trained technicians and the absolute best quality workmanship that will keep your Escomatic Screw Machines producing quality, precision parts.
LAB has grown into the largest domestic rebuilder of Escomatic Swiss Screw Machine components. This has been achieved by dedication to the principals of Service, Quality, and Price. Our swiss trained engineers will return your Escomatic attachment, tool head or whole machine back to it's original precision component it was designed to be.

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